8th Grade

Eighth Grade

About Ms. Mangano

Miss Mangano is originally from New Jersey and received her undergraduate degree from Villanova University. She is currently in her second year of the University of Notre Dame’s graduate teaching program: ACE Teaching Fellows. She will receive her M.Ed. in the summer of 2017. Miss Mangano is excited to return to the St. Ann community and looks forward to another wonderful year!

Ms. Mangano’s Class Blog

About Eighth Grade


This year, the eighth grade class will be reading historical fiction and nonfiction in the form of articles and memoirs.  They will be reading excerpts from classic literary novels and comparing them to film such as “Gone with the Wind”  and “True Grit.” They will be studying Gothic Literature, Poetry, and an extensive literary unit on the Holocaust. In writing, we will be focusing on writing a thesis, a research paper, a book/movie review, and an extensive unit on writing poetry.

English/Language Arts

Eighth grade will be challenged to strengthen their powers to express ideas effectively, creatively, confidently, and in his or her individual voice.  We will do this by continuing to develop creative and expository writing skills through memoirs, dramas, persuasion, research essays, and slam poetry.


In addition to extensive Confirmation preparation through the CHOSEN program, we will learn about the mystery, marks, and history of the Church, as well as the witnesses who have shown us the way of holiness, faith, and worship.


Junior high focuses on developing scientific thinking in all areas. We begin the year with a clear understanding of the scientific method and work towards establishing practices of good researchers. By understanding these principles and thinking critically, we begin to answer questions about the world around us.

These principles will introduce the 8th grade to topics in life science. We begin by studying how scientists classify life and use those things to classify the life around us. Upon developing those skills, we focus on the smallest units of life: the cell. We observe how all processes necessary for life are provided by cells. We expand in scope to identify organisms composed of cells and how all these cells create systems the keep organisms alive. We continue to expand in scope to see how organisms interact and how their interactions can affect communities, populations, ecosystems, and entire species. Finally, the eighth grade focuses on how we can be better stewards to ensure that all life continues to thrive.


Eighth grade students focus on Algebra I concepts in their final year. Students begin the year determining how to isolate and solve for variables. They continue to use proportions to find missing values. Students collect data of their own to interpret, which they do by graphing and creating equations. Students will develop functions to understand the world around them. The students work up toward finding equations for situations with two variables and graphing them in the coordinate plane. Throughout the entire curriculum, all the math skills developed throughout the years will be incorporated to apply the new Algebra I content.