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4th Grade Curriculum


Students learn about the following reading skills and strategies: identifying and referring to key ideas and details within a text as textual evidence; using structural elements to identify type of text; comparing and contrasting themes, point of view and author influence; and integrating knowledge and ideas across multiple texts and presentations.


Students take ownership of their writing, working on the process from brainstorming all the way to publishing. Students will learn skills to edit and revise their writing as well as learn to work as a community to help others strengthen their work, too. Students will also work on writing long, strong sentences to their reader using descriptive language.

Spelling and Vocabulary

Students work on weekly spelling and vocabulary words to grow in their academic vocabulary. Acquiring new vocabulary and spelling skills will help students strengthen study skills and reading comprehension.


Students learn and strengthen the following skills and concepts: learning multiple strategies to multiply and divide whole numbers; modeling and writing equations to solve addition, subtraction, and multiplication of fractions and mixed numbers; beginning to develop data, geometry and conversion skills.


Students become scientists who explore and understand the world through data collection, analysis, and conclusions. Students will grow in their knowledge of many scientific concepts ranging from life science to physical science to earth science, while learning and working in scientific communities.