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6th Grade Curriculum


Students begin to apply the skills that they learned in fifth grade to basic algebra. Students work with fractions and decimals when solving problems and learning about ratios. Students also learn how to write and solve basic algebraic expressions.


Junior high focuses on developing scientific thinking in all areas. Students begin the year with a clear understanding of the scientific method and work towards establishing practices of good researchers. By understanding these principles and thinking critically, students begin to answer questions about the world around us.

Students explore our amazing planet, Earth! The year begins with a study of the universe and Earth’s place within that universe. This includes an exploration of the solar system and the history of our planet. Next, students investigate the forces that are at work here on Earth. This includes a study of plate tectonics, weather, and the forces that change the surface of Earth. Towards the end of the year, students take a look at the ways that we, as humans, impact our Earth. We will ask questions about our use of natural resources and our role in climate change.


Middle school readers delve into a variety of genres in literature circles. Students are challenged to push their reading to higher levels while developing strong reading strategies that will help them understand complex text throughout the rest of their academic career.

English/Language Arts

This year, students focus on building strong writing voices by studying grammar, paragraph structure, essay writing, and by exercising our creativity through personal narratives, poetry, and short stories.

Social Studies

Students explore ancient civilizations and their cultures.  Students learn how and why our world developed.


Students explore God’s plan for the universe, the family of faith, the life and calling of the Chosen People, and the prophets of the Old Testament.