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7th Grade Curriculum


Middle school readers delve into a variety of genres in literature circles. Students are challenged to push their reading to higher levels while developing strong reading strategies that will help them understand complex text throughout the rest of their academic career.

English/Language Arts

Students work on crafting stories, plays, myths, arguments and poems with an emphasis on writing for a specific audience and by using new writing tools that will help hone previously learned skills.


Students use the Catholicism Pilgrimage Series based on the Word on Fire by Fr. Robert Barron. In this curriculum, we will be studying the following topics:

  • Jesus is Lord
  • The work of Jesus as the Messiah
  • The Path of Non-violence (Pope John Paul II, Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.)
  • Mary, Mother of God
  • Peter, Paul and the Missionary Adventure
  • The Liturgy and the Eucharist


Junior high focuses on developing scientific thinking in all areas. We begin the year with a clear understanding of the scientific method and work towards establishing practices of good researchers. By understanding these principles and thinking critically, we begin to answer questions about the world around us. The curriculum includes an introduction to physics and chemistry.


Students cover pre-algebra topics built on the skills and knowledge learned from previous grades. A large emphasis is placed on comparing and operation with rational numbers. By the end of the year, students will be able to take many different real-life situations and apply the proper steps and operations to calculate what they want to determine.

Social Studies

Students learn about the founding of the United States, our system of government and its affect on their lives.