7th Grade

About Ms. Muñoz

Ms. Helen Muñoz joined the St. Ann Middle School team in 2021.  She teachers Reading and Language Arts and 7th grade home room.  MsMuñoz graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Teaching of English.  She completed her student teaching at Golder College Prep instructing 10th grade English.  MsMuñoz loves spending time with her family, going to the gym, reading, and crocheting.

About 7th Grade

Welcome to 7th grade! Our middle school classes challenge students to become critical thinkers. Students explore a wide variety of new subjects in their courses.

  • In 7th grade reading, students will be following a personalized learning workflow that allows them to work at their own pace. Students will be expected to make responsible decisions by selecting partners they can work well with to complete practice work and prepare for mastery assessments. Students will also be expected to select a trimester or monthly goal each trimester and be responsible for staying on track with their independent reading.
  • In 7th grade math, students will be introduced to algebra and algebraic equations. Students will learn how to solve multi-step algebraic equations and assign data sets to the equations. Students are able to move at their own pace through math concepts in order to ensure mastery. Students will finish the year off with reading and interpreting data from a variety of resources.  
  • In 7th grade ELA, students will learn different Greek and Latin root words. Every week, students will be expected to study their vocabulary words to prepare for cumulative quizzes.  Students will also learn how to use their knowledge of root words and context clues to determine the meaning of new words.
  • In 7th grade science, students will explore science standards through project based learning. They will look closely at energy, motion, plate tectonics, and the conservation and transfer of energy. 
  • In 7th grade social studies, students will learn about the indigenous people of North and South America, the colonization of the Americas, and the development of the United States as an independent country. Students will learn about how the American government works and our constitution.
  • In 7th grade religion, students will learn about the New Testament and the development of the early Church, as well as the spread of Christianity.

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