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8th Grade Curriculum


Students read historical fiction and non-fiction in the form of articles and memoirs. Additionally, students read from classic literary novels and compare them to films such as “Gone with the Wind” and “True Grit.” Students study Gothic Literature, Poetry, and an extensive literary unit on the Holocaust. In writing, we focus on writing a thesis, a research paper, a book/movie review, and an extensive unit on writing poetry.

English/Language Arts

Students are challenged to strengthen their powers to express ideas effectively, creatively, confidently, and in his or her individual voice. We do this by continuing to develop creative and expository writing skills through memoirs, dramas, persuasion, research essays and slam poetry.


In addition to extensive Confirmation preparation through theĀ CHOSENĀ program, students learn about the mystery, marks, and history of the Church, as well as the witnesses who have shown us the way of holiness, faith and worship.


Students focus on Life Sciences this year. Students begin the year by studying how scientists classify life around us. Upon developing those skills, students then focus on the smallest unit of life – the cell. This study focuses on identifying organisms composed of cells, the cell systems that keep organisms alive, and the interactions between organisms in the world around us. Further, students focus on how to be better stewards of the Earth to ensure that all life continues to thrive.