Big Shoulders Fund Plus

St. Ann is honored to be a Big Shoulders Fund Plus school, an initiative of 30 schools across Chicago. Big Shoulders Fund and its supporters made this commitment in recognition of the exceptional value that St. Ann provides to families and the important role we play in the community. We are partnering closely with Big Shoulders Fund to strengthen our school’s long-term sustainability and vitality.

Strategic Planning

Principals work directly with Big Shoulders to create and implement plans to improve in key areas such as academics, student recruiting, fundraising, etc.

Academic Programs

Principals work directly with Big Shoulders to monitor the success rates of academic programs, to ensure that professional development supports increasing success rates, and to identify and take action in areas needing improvement. Principals continue to lead their staffs and are responsible to maintain appropriate accreditations.

Financial Operations

Principals and Business Managers work with Big Shoulders to approve budgets and large expenditures, create forecasts, etc. Schools continue to manage their finances – e.g., collections, bookkeeping, etc. The Principal is responsible for the school’s financial results.

Student Recruitment

Principals work directly with Big Shoulders to establish marketing and development/fundraising plans. Big Shoulders assists local staff in implementing the marketing and development plans through social media, annual appeals, etc.


Principals work directly with the Archdiocese on personnel matters; given that Principals and all other staff members are Archdiocesan employees and its personnel policies will be followed. All personnel-related policy questions are directed to Dr. Bridget de la Peña. Big Shoulders will be involved in Principal evaluations, and consulted as
appropriate in other personnel matters.


Principals work directly with the Archdiocese, using established Archdiocesan protocols; the Archdiocesan facilities department continues to assist with school projects. All projects must be presented to and approved by both the Archdiocese and Big Shoulders, and life-safety projects are funded by the parties on a 50/50 basis.

Student Outcomes

  • Elementary Students Move On To High Performing High Schools
  • High School Students Graduate, and Move On To College or Career Programs

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