Companeros Circle

What is the Compañeros Circle?

The Compañeros Circle is at the heart of Saint Ann’s mission.  The word compañeros, Spanish for companions, clearly expresses the goal of this initiative.  Compañeros are generous individuals, businesses, and foundations who sponsor individual students or classes, ensuring that we can cover the cost to educate a student without raising tuition.   The Compañeros Circle is meant to facilitate investment, but also to deepen the connections between our students and donors.


The formation of the Compañeros Circle was in direct response to a comprehensive analysis of the school’s vision and finances.  In this current economic climate, we are acutely aware of the financial challenges facing you, our families.  At times, we must sacrifice program expansion and capital improvements in order to fund the gap between actual the cost of educating a child and the tuition we charge.  By sponsoring students, and pledging to cover this tuition gap, Compañeros help keep the mission of Saint Ann alive and thriving.

Financial Breakdown

Actual cost per student                                                $4,747

Average tuition and fees per student       –         $1,489

Funding gap per student                                             $3,257

Traditional funding sources per student   –      $1,670

Needed to sponsor each student                           $1,587

Levels of Sponsorship

1 Child             Compañeros Sponsor                   $1,587

2 Children       Compañeros Investor                 $3,174

4 Children       Compañeros Contributor        $6,348

8 Children       Compañeros Benefactor           $12,696

16 Children     Compañeros Patron                   $25,392

32 Children     Classroom Companeros           $50,784

Many thanks to all of our Compañeros!!!