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Financially Support St. Ann School

St. Ann students
St. Ann students
St. Ann students

St. Ann School’s development program brings together parents, volunteers, friends, and Chicago’s business community to foster the financial vitality of the school. Our development efforts seek to create long-term relationships with friends committed to the growth and prosperity of the school.

St. Ann School is committed to excellence and to affordability. The development office organizes and manages special events and appeals to provide financial support for scholarship assistance and educational programs.

For more information regarding how to support our Student Scholarships, please visit us here.

How your gift helps

Operational Support

$0-$500- Operational support at any donation level is vital to to foster a successful, technology-driven learning environment. Operational support allows faculty & staff at St. Ann to provide students with the tools they need to thrive at school.


General Donation

$25, $50, $75, $100- Donations at any level make an impact. $25, $50, and $75 donations have remained the basis for enabling St. Ann to continue to provide high-quality Catholic education to students in Pilsen and its surrounding neighborhood. Every amount helps.

Student Technology Support

$250- This donation enables St. Ann to purchase a Chromebook or I-Pad for a student who does not have access to one at home. St. Ann is working towards being a 1:1 school where each student is provided their own Chromebook and the opportunity to develop skills they need to prepare themselves for high school and beyond. 

Additional Scholarship Support 

$500- This donation will provide tuition support for a family with an outside scholarship who still needs additional financial aid support from St. Ann. This amount can be the deciding factor between whether or not a family chooses to send their child to St. Ann and are able to fund their child’s education. 


Sibling Discount Tuition

$1,000- Siblings who attend St. Ann receive additional discounts based on the number of children who attend. This donation covers the cost of a third or fourth sibling who is attending St. Ann for an entire year. This makes a significant impact especially for our larger families as they commit to all of their children receiving a high-quality Catholic education.


Half a Year Tuition

$2,000- This amount makes a lasting difference for one of our student’s education as it covers half of the year’s tuition. This financial contribution ensures that regardless of financial background a student will receive a high-quality Catholic education.  

Full Year Tuition

$4,150- This highest-level donation covers a full-year tuition for a student at St. Ann. This donation has an immediate and lasting impact on both the student and their family providing complete financial security - enabling the student to focus solely on growing as a leader of their learning and someone who serves and loves others.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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