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Early Childhood Curriculum

Pre-K Program Philosophy and Goals

During the early childhood years, children are learning to trust others outside their families, gaining independence and self-control, and taking initiative and asserting themselves in socially acceptable ways. Children are also learning to think and they learn by doing and playing. Children make sense of the world around them through active involvement with their environment. They observe what happens when they interact with materials and other people. As they engage in a variety of activities they add pieces of information to what they already know and come to new understandings about the world.
The Pre-K Program at St. Ann is full day from 8am -2:45pm. The morning part of the day is focused on academic instruction, while the second half of the day includes lunch, nap time, and extended play time with classmates.
Our Early Childhood program at St. Ann is developmentally appropriate. This means that the activities the children engage in are appropriate for their age and their developmental level. It also means that teachers work with each child to ensure that their individual educational and developmental needs are being met.
The goal of the Early Childhood program at St. Ann is to provide a rich environment that encourages children to observe, to be active, to make choices, and to experiment.
Physically, children will enhance both their large and small muscle control and use all their senses in learning. Children will develop socially and emotionally as they experience a sense of self-esteem, develop a positive attitude toward life, and demonstrate cooperative, pro-social behavior. We believe it is best practice for siblings to be in separate preschool classrooms, as it promotes independence along with many other positive life skills.
Finally, children will develop cognitively as they acquire learning and problem solving skills, expand logical thinking skills, expand verbal communication skills, develop beginning reading and writing skills, acquire concepts and information leading to a fuller understanding of the world, and demonstrate skills in make-believe play.

Pre-K Daily Activities & Structure:

The daily activities of your child will include a balance of quiet and active play; large group activities, small groups activities, and opportunities to play alone or with others; indoor and outdoor play; and time for children to select their own activities as well as time for teacher-directed activities.


The classroom environment will provide a variety of activities that children can choose from such as dramatic play, block play, creative expression, manipulative and cognitive games, literacy activities, and sand and water play. Time is scheduled for children to sleep or rest during the day.


Children will also have opportunities to engage in self-help skills such as toilet-ing, dressing, and washing hands along with tasks in the classroom such as table setting and cleaning up.


Throughout the week students attend music classes 1 times per week, gym classes 2 times per week, and Spanish classes 3 times per week.