Hallinan-Grubert Endowment

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Chris Grubert, a Notre Dame alumnus, and his sister, Renee, decided to create an endowment through Notre Dame to support the work of Saint Ann through a generous initial gift of $250,000.  The endowment is named in honor of their mother, Dr. Maureen Hallinan, who was a professor of sociology emeritus at Notre Dame, founded the Institute for Educational Initiatives, and was a significant supporter of the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE). The endowment will be managed by the Notre Dame Investment Office.

This is a special opportunity for Saint Ann School for two reasons. First, the Notre Dame Investment Office has grown the Endowment to become the 12th largest university endowment in the United States, and the largest for a Catholic institution. In 2013, it had a return of 19.2%. Secondly, any gifts to Notre Dame can be earmarked for the Hallinan-Grubert Endowment for Saint Ann School.

Thank you to the Grubert Family for their generosity! This gift will continue to benefit the students, families, and teachers of Saint Ann for generations to come.