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E-Learning Guide for Parents

Dear Parents, 

Tomorrow we kick off eLearning!  While many of you will also be at home with your children, we do not expect you to assume the role of the teacher during this time.  Our teachers will be available to assist and engage with students as they complete their assignments.  

While this has been an unforeseen adjustment to our school schedule, we are committed to maintaining academic excellence while holding true to our core values – to serve, to lead, to love with Christ as our model.  Please remember, this is new to all of us. We understand that you will be navigating this as well, so let’s remember to have patience. Have patience with yourselves, your children, and our teachers. We anticipate kinks. We just ask that you do your best and  maintain communication and engage with us.   

Here are some of the logistics: 

  • Respond to the teachers’ request for confirmation of communication by tomorrow. 
  • A weekly overview will be emailed and posted on our website at 6pm tonight and 6pm Sunday night thereafter. 
  • Daily assignments will be emailed for PK-2, posted to Edmodo for 3-5, and posted to Google Classroom for 6-8 by 9am each day.  Ms. Corrigan will also post a daily assembly video. 
  • Teachers and staff will be available to clarify/answer questions from 9am – 3pm daily.  
  • Turning in work:  If work is unable to be turned in online, please keep it in a safe place to bring to school when classes resume. 
  • Grading: while we want all students to produce quality work, we understand the uniqueness of this situation.  Please do not worry about grading right now, as we do not have many answers yet to how we will handle grading.  
  • If a teacher provides a worksheet and you are unable to print it – that’s ok!  Students can write their answers on any piece of paper.  

A few other thoughts:

  • These next few weeks of social distancing will provide opportunities for families to come together.  Feel free to create projects as a family, even if it’s not something the teachers 

have assigned, and share it with us!  We’d love to know other ways that you’re learning and coping.  

  • Help each other out – some of us are more tech savvy than others.  Not all of us are fluent in English and Spanish, nor do we all speak academic language.  Please check in on one another – be a resource to other parents. We’re in this together!  



Ms. Corrigan