Each grade participates in music class at least once a week. Mr. Arriaga works with the students in the areas of music appreciation and music theory. Our students cover all sorts of musical skills from chorale singing to identifying different types of music. In middle school, students are given the opportunity to specialize in the instrument in their choice and are proficient by the time they reach 8th Grade.


Each grade participates in Spanish class at least two times per week. This course covers a variety of topics to practice our listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.  Curricula is aligned with the ACTFL “I Can” Statements that make language user focused and relevant to the learner.  The younger students work with thematic units to learn new vocabulary.  The older students focus on grammar skills to prepare them for high school Spanish.

Physical Education

Each grade participates in Physical Education. Students develop personal fitness routines, learn rules for various sports, practice different athletic skills, and discuss numerous health topics.