Teacher Testimonials

“At St. Ann, teaching is more than a job; it is an act of love to get to spend each day learning with our students.”

-Kathleen Fox, Middle School Teacher

“St. Ann is a family. Everyone genuinely cares about one another. Our teachers are extremely committed to helping our students learn, grow, and develop into leaders, and we know they will positively impact the world. My proudest moment as a teacher at St. Ann has been forming strong relationships with my PreKinder students and guiding them in their life journey of growing socially, emotionally, and academically.”

-Marissa Schwinn, Pre-K Teacher

“Our teachers do more than just educate our students, we instill within the students of Saint Ann the importance of using their God-given gifts and talents to be of service to their community and others. We teach our students to lead by example, which is important now more than ever. We teach the students of St. Ann to truly love others, with Christ as their model.”

-Kathleen Scully, 3rd Grade Teacher & Vice Principal

“I chose St. Ann because the community is unlike any other. The students, parents, teachers, and staff all actively choose to be present and part of St. Ann and it shows though the dedication to learning from all members of the St. Ann Community.”

-Isabelle Reynolds, 5th Grade Teacher

“There is something very special and unique about teaching in a Catholic school, especially at St. Ann. The staff are genuine models of leadership and service who teach with love and attention every single day. The families at St. Ann show incredible support and love for this community and school, and truly believe in a quality Catholic education.”

-Krystn Benson, 8th Grade Teacher

“I am extremely proud of our ability to serve our students with special needs and offer them the opportunity to receive a Catholic education. Our teachers do an amazing job collaborating and providing individualized instruction for our students, and we have been able to provide additional academic and speech services for many of our students.”

-Jeana Caminiti, 1st Grade Teacher

“My greatest source of inspiration is my students. These students enlighten my experience and allows me to see God in all things — successes, failures, joyful moments, sorrowful moments, good days, and challenging days. It is wonderful how often God works through teachers and students.”

-Bridget Gilroy, 4th Grade Teacher

“I choose to teach at St. Ann because we are teaching and helping our students to reach their full potential. To love others, to respect each other and to be leaders of the future. I love our mission and my students.”

-Elizabeth Montesino, Spanish Teacher