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St. Ann School Uniform

St. Ann School is launching a new uniform – to be fully implemented starting the 2021-2022 School Year.

During the 2020-2021 school year, student can continue to wear the old uniform or the new uniform. The old gym uniform will be available for purchase at St. Ann School until we are out of supply.

All variations of the uniform can be found on Dennis‘s website. Uniform specifications are listed by gender and grade.

The following items can be purchased anywhere for both boys and girls: khaki pants, button down dress shirt (white or baby blue), navy blue cardigan.

All other uniform options (should you choose) must be purchased through Dennis.

Dennis offers sales and shipping discounts the following times of year:

  • Cyber Monday Savings (late November)
  • New Year’s Savings in January
  • Memorial Day Weekend Savings
  • Early Bird Savings in June
  • Fall Savings in October
  • Free shipping specials frequently throughout the year
  • And many other flash sales! Join the email list at  for details

Questions regarding the uniform can be directed to Ms. Corrigan at