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At St. Ann School, students become leaders of their learning. Utilizing student driven instructional strategies, and research-based curriculum, our students are empowered to pursue their aspirations, investigate problems, design solutions, chase curiosities, and create performances. Classes consist of direct instruction, collaborative groupings, personalized learning, and flex time. Our curricular resources include Creative Curriculum (preschool), Ready Reading and Math, Fundations, Haggerty, Writer's Workshop, Sparkshop, ThinkCERCA, Accelerated Reader, Connected Mathematics Project 4, FOSS, iReady, and many others.



In preschool, one of our main goals is to prepare your 3 and 4 year old child for a smooth transition into kindergarten. 



Our class enjoys listening to books, playing reading games on the computer and having centers.


1st Grade

Students will learn many new academic and social skills, and together we will build a foundation for a lifetime of learning. 


3rd Grade

Your child will move beyond “learning to read” and will begin “reading to learn” and will start reading more for pleasure.


2nd Grade

Students will grow in their math fluency and addition and subtraction  They will learn about communities, goods and services, and history.


4th Grade

Throughout the year, we will be learning all about the different states and regions of the United States.


5th Grade

 Our core subjects are ELA, Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies and Religion. Students also have Spanish three times a week, Gym twice a week on Tuesday and Wednesday, Health once a week, and Music once a week as well.


6th Grade

In sixth grade we will be studying a lot of exciting topics in the subjects of math, science, reading, language arts, social studies, and religion.


7th Grade

Our middle school classes challenge students to become critical thinkers. Students explore a wide variety of new subjects in their courses.


8th Grade

During your student’s last year at St. Ann School, our teachers focus on refining the skills they have built throughout junior high and prepping them for high school.



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