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philosophy and curriculum 

The Philosophy and Curriculum Guide is a comprehensive document about St. Ann School. Click here to download and review the full guide. 

The faculty and staff of St. Ann believe that every child can learn. 

St. Ann students
our teachers:
  • instruct students through a personalized learning approach

  • get to know their students wiht a specific focus on their skills, needs, and interest 

  • mold lesson plans an units around what students in their classroom need in order to master grade-level standards

As Catholic school, St. Ann faculty and staff believe that all are welcome. 

Director of inlcusive education:
  • Case manager for any student who may require additional resources at school

  • Interventionist for students needing extra academic support

  • Coach for classroom teachers to help implement inclusive practices, accommodations, modifications, and academic or behavioral success plans 

  • Liaison between service providers and the school

  • Partner and advocate for families: to help families understand the school-based needs of their child, guide them through the evaluation process, communicate student growth and progress, and help establish services at school to support their child

St. Ann faculty and staff believe that we are all life-long learners.

St. Ann teachers

Teachers receive professional development throughout the school year and during the summer.

Supports teachers pursuing master’s degrees and additional certifications.

St. Ann teacher
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